Review & Publication Policy

JISR-HBS is a peer-reviewed journal committed to providing quality research publication. We expect authors to comprehend our publication guidelines and submit papers that are well written and adhere to the journals’ standards. The journals’ publication process ensures that the articles meet HEC and international standards, while the authors can publish their papers without any cost.

Accepted Article Types

JISR-HBS accepts following types of articles:

  • Review/Conceptual papers
  • Original Research article
  • Case Studies

Blind Review Required:

JISR-HBS publishes papers within the domain of Health and Biological Sciences and Public Health. It requires the articles to be double blind peer-reviewed from internationally recognized quality reviewers, who will provide critical feedback on the manuscript.

  • Manuscripts passed through the desk review will be sent for blind review process.
  • JISR-HBS selects the reviewers based on their subject and research expertise and gives a complete freedom to decide on the papers.
  • To ensure confidentiality and privacy, Anonymous manuscripts (without authors names and details) will be sent to all reviewers.
  • Any paper rejected by the reviewer will not be processed further, and the author will be notified accordingly.
  • Manuscripts accepted by reviewers with minor changes will be published in the journal. The corresponding author will be provided the comments and given ample time to incorporate the comments. The corresponding author will send the revised manuscript to the journal in a stipulated time. The editorial board will decide on comments and if the manuscript is ready for publication. The corresponding author will be informed on the decision.
  • Manuscripts accepted by reviewers with major changes will be sent to the corresponding author with ample time to incorporate all comments. The corresponding author will be responsible to submit the revised manuscript in a stipulated time and it will be at the discretion of the editorial board to send the revised manuscripts to same reviewers or any other reviewers if required. Otherwise, the Editorial board may decide to send the manuscript for the publication process.
  • The corresponding author is responsible to respond to the editorial board for all the changes suggested by the reviewers. If the corresponding author does not respond to the journal despite sending reminders, the editorial board has a full right to reject the paper. Similarly, the corresponding author does not incorporate the required comments or justify not incorporating the suggested comments. The editorial board has the full right to reject the manuscript.

Plagiarism Policy

  • The journal only accepts similarity report generated in-house using Turnitin software provided by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan and adheres to the guidelines specified by HEC which states, “in case the manuscript has a similarity index of more than 19%, it will either be rejected or left at the discretion of the Editorial Board for the purposes of conditional acceptance.”
  • Moreover, the article should not contain similar content of more than 4% from a single source and before submission should be removed from the institutional repository if submitted in the form of a thesis.
  • JISR-HBS does not accept *self-plagiarism either it is from authors’ published or unpublished thesis or any form of work submitted by author or any other institution in Turnitin repository or any other repository or database. Author is required to remove from the repository before submission to Journal.

(*Article/Manuscript submitted in repository usually in Turnitin by author)

Articles Not Accepted

If the editorial team finds an article not adhering to the following guidelines, it will automatically be deemed rejected:

  • Articles submitted by more than one author.
  • Articles submitted by other than corresponding author
  • If an article is found to be submitted in any other journal.
  • Articles not following guidelines mentioned at the journal’s website.
  • If an article is found to have a similarity index of more than 19%.
  • If an article is found to have grammatical errors or missing/invalid references and not provided in APA format.

Copyright Permissions

Please visit the link before submission of the manuscript.

It is the author’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate permissions from the original publisher to republish any previously published text, figures, tables, supplementary information, etc., in an open-access journal.

JISR-HBS does not accept articles that have previously appeared in a recognized peer-reviewed journal (as this represents dual publication).

JISR-HBS does accept submissions which have previously been presented at conferences or appeared in other ‘non-journal’ venues (for example blogs or posters).

Authors Contribution

  • JISR-HBS does not limit the number of authors for any manuscript. However, the corresponding author will be responsible for the contribution of each author in the research work and if any conflict of interest is raised among authors (for authors ordered list or contribution), the Editorial board will reject or retract the paper and may have the right to take legal action against the corresponding author.
  • The journal will only accept the authors in the same rank which were provided at the time of submission. If any author will be asked to add or remove during the publication process, the corresponding author will need to provide the justification for such action.
  • The journal will not edit/remove/add any author once it is accepted for publication.

Retraction Policy

JISR-HBS reserves the right to retract articles that are found to be fraudulent (e.g. containing data manipulation or misrepresentation) or in serious breach of one of our policies. Evidence of plagiarism, falsification of data, or other scientific misconduct associated with a published article is determined at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Any scientific misconduct will result in the removal of the article and the printing of a retraction as is consistent with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).

Multiple Publication

JISR-HBS allows the submission of multiple manuscripts at the same time. However, all manuscripts should be separately submitted by the respective corresponding author.

JISR-HBS will publish only one manuscript in one issue if multiple manuscripts are accepted for publication by the corresponding author or coauthor. It will be the decision of the editorial board to allocate the specific volume and issue number to the accepted multiple manuscript.

Editorial Board/Institutional member Publication

JISR-HBS strictly believes in transparency and independence in the review process and do not compromise with the quality standards, therefore, it is a clear policy of the journal that no manuscript is selected for publication submitted by any member of the Editorial board or institutional member of the publisher.

Institutional member is defined as permanent faculty and staff working at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (SZABIST).

Note: Any student studying at SZABIST will not be considered as faculty or staff despite he/she is working.

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